Vintage ZR Porcelain

Vintage ZR Porcelain

Vintage ZR is a veneering material that matches the C.T.E. of any zirconia oxide substructure. Vintage ZR porcelain does not have the fracture and vitrification tendency of competitive porcelains. This user friendly and highly aesthetic porcelain has the same firing parameters as Shofu’s Vintage AL alumina substructure veneering material. The even distribution of leucite crystals in the glass matrix makes it very kind to the opposing dentition and results in aesthetics superior to any other zirconia porcelain.

  • Intuitive system components
  • Highly stable ceramic
  • Easy to learn color layout
  • Can be layered on any zirconia substructure


Zirconia Copings
Zirconia copings are softer than alumina frames, but the fracture toughness is much higher then alumina frames.

Hardness Hv alumina (1900) zirconia (1400)

Fracture toughness K1c MPa m1/2 zirconia (8.0-12.0) alumina (3.5-5.0)

For best reduction of zirconium frames it is necessary to use equivalent calibrated rotation instruments to avoid the danger of micro cracks or separations.

Such flaws could lead to complete failure of the restoration.

Use SHOFU’s diamond impregnated CoreMaster for small adjustments.

Photo courtesy of Joe Weisz, CDT


Vintage ZR