Vintage MP Porcelain

Vintage MP Porcelain

Vintage MP is a new generation of metal bond porcelain, designed with the latest­­­ discoveries in porcelain technology. The ultra-fine micro porcelain is adapted to the diffused light reflection of natural enamel and dentin. One advantage of an increase of the diffused light reflection of the dentin powders is that a greater part of the indirect light is not being refracted or spread by the opaquer, but is already in the dentin layer. The light optical properties of natural teeth are simply reproduced, and the contours of the opaqued metal frame are optically minimized.

  • Effortlessly build a 1.0 mm PFM
  • Exceptionally wide CTE range
  • Extremely fine and dense paste opaques
  • Enhanced bonding strength for all PFM alloys
  • Easily simulates the wear of natural dentition

Photo courtesy of Dominique Olivier, Ceramist


Vintage MP