CoreShade GlasIonomer

CoreShade GlasIonomer

Formulated to provide a dependable, easily detectable, metal-free core build-up.

  • Supportive and protective base under stress-bearing fillings and restorations
  • High compressive strength (147 MPa)
  • Excellent bonding to tooth structure, metal pins and posts
  • Gray in color for easy identification during placement and finishing
  • High fluoride release
  • High level of radiopacity
  • Biocompatible

PN 1115 • CoreShade Base Cement Kit
25 g gray powder, 10 mL liquid, mixing pad, dispenser, instructions

PN 1116 • Gray Powder 25 g

PN 1117 • CoreShade Liquid 10 mL

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CoreShade GlasIonomer Base Cement

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CoreShade GlasIonomer Base Cement Powder
CoreShade GlasIonomer Base Cement Liquid