Metals Polishing Kit

Metals Polishing Kit

An ideal assortment of abrasives impregnated with polishing compounds to provide fast and brilliant results on amalgam restorations without pumice or tin oxide.

  • 10 shapes for a complete polishing system
  • Brownie points for pre-polishing
  • Greenie points for polishing
  • Supergreenie points for super-polishing
  • Contra-Angle
  • BurButler the fully autoclavable bur block that grips all burs
  • Use Metals Polishing Kit for: amalgams, non-precious and precious alloys

PN 0304BB • Metals Polishing Kit CA
4 Brownie Points (Mini-Pt, Cup, WH6, PC2), 4 Greenie Points (Mini-Pt, Cup, WH6, PC2), 2 Supergreenie Points (Mini-Pt, Cup)

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