Lab Air-Z High Speed Turbine

Lab Air-Z High Speed Turbine

High-speed turbine is a robust, ultra-quiet, precision instrument designed for extended laboratory duty with speeds of 360,000 rpm.

PN 5339 • Lab Air-Z Oil-Free System
Includes hand piece, foot air controller, air filter/pressure regulator, mounting bracket

PN 5320 • Lab Air-Z Handpiece Oil-Free

PN 5221 • Lab Air-Z Turbine Cartridge

PN 5321 • Lab Air-Z Turbine Cartridge Oil-Free

PN 5222 • Metal Chuck

PN 5223 • Chuck Tool

PN 5224 • Cartridge Tool

PN 5230 • Foot Aircontroller

PN 5234 • AIR Filter/Pressure Regulator

Safety Data Sheets

Lab Air Z Lubricant Spray Oil